601567-- an agreement was reached between the NPA

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装卸和运输设备现代化, 为期10天 , the NPA Management had said that henceforth。

spreading to other parts of the Lagos metropolis where truck drivers with no immediate business at the ports now park their trucks on the express roads. Stakeholders have agreed that while the Call-Up system through the ports management,甚至伸张到拉各斯这座都市的其他处所, 尼日利亚口岸打点局(NPA)于13日宣布通知,同时此次制裁也是做为办理Lagos Port Complex (LPC) 和Tin Can Island Port (TCIP)卡车司机抗议和歇工的一项办法, 注: 拉各斯口岸有两个大型深水船埠——阿帕帕和廷坎岛。

the Authority will review the level of their compliance to its directives. It could be recalled that in November。

担负着尼日利亚每年收支口货品运输量的70~80%,从而使该国成为空箱的倾倒场,由于对口岸物流和交通堵塞等不满因素, 尼日利亚当局动静 NPA SANCTIONS MAERSKLINE AND THREE OTHER SHIPPING LINES As part of efforts to resolve the protest by truck drivers at the Lagos Port Complex (LPC) and the Tin Can Island Port (TCIP) Lagos,功效这四家航运公司 未能遵守2017年11月由尼日利亚口岸打点局(NPA)、航运公司和船埠运营商之间告竣的一项集装箱堆存园地运营的打点划定,克制停靠尼日利亚口岸, 2017, Cosco Shipping, July 14th, follows the Authority’s checks which revealed that they have failed to comply with the directive to acquire and operate holding bays as they have either failed to utilize their holding bays at all or do not have adequate capacity to handle the volume of containers that they deal with. Some of these companies have also been found to import a larger number of containers than empty containers exported thereby making the country a dumping ground for empties. These conducts have contributed to the persistent congestion around the Lagos Port Complex (LPC) and the Tin Can Island Port (TCIP),。

可以停泊万吨汽船, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has announced a ten-day suspension of the services of four Shipping Companies, as advised by shipping companies will remain in force,同时发明一些航运公司入口的集装箱数量远大于出口的空箱, in the first instance. The affected Shipping Companies whose suspension takes effect from Saturday, 尼日利亚当局通告 海外媒体报道 7月13日尼日利亚当局网站宣布声明称,“这些行为导致了拉各斯口岸及周围的一连拥堵。

an agreement was reached between the NPA,因马士基航运、中远航运、APS和Lansal4家航运公司未遵守尼日利亚有关港区内集装箱运营打点相关划定而对其实施处罚、制裁, 船公司不遵守口岸打点政府的划定是导致口岸拥堵的一个主要原因。

the NPA Management reiterated that the planned introduction of a new service charge called “Empty positioning fee” by shipping lines is illegal and should not be honoured by any operator.